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On the morning of Oct. 21 at 8:30 a.m. (30 minutes ahead of schedule, thank you very much), Matt and I embarked on a legendary and glorious adventure to Oxford, MS to see my Ole Miss Rebels (YAAAAAYYY!!!) take on the forces of darkness, the Arkansas Razorbacks (BOOOOO!!!!!).<br />
It was SEC football in the fall - walking through the Grove on campus filled me with the memories of years past, of joy, of laughter, of incredibly frustrating games that we should have F'ing WON!!!! <br />
Ahem... Anyway, the Rebs played their best game of the year, taking a 17-0 lead on the No. 9 ranked Razorbacks in the second quarter. But alas, it was not enough, as Arkansas woke up in the second half, scoring the next 29 points of the game. They held off a late rally from Ole Miss, and defeated the not-so-mighty Rebels, 29-24. It was a 1400-mile trip for Matt and me, and we had a blast. I was glad to share of my favorite experiences with one of my favorite friends.